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Bubblebee x Ramen


Our Love for Tea and Bubbles



The Bubblebee x Ramen Story

Bubblebee x Ramen is collaboration of Bubble tea and Traditional Japanese Ramen Cuisine Restaurant with a fast casual dine in/carry out platform that specializing in ramen, Rice bowl, steam buns, & varies favor of bubble tea/Special drinks all in a clean high vibe trending environment. All recipes are hand crafted by a group of young folks, who has over 10 years of experience in the Japanese restaurant industry & big fan of bubble tea lover. We work hard to ensure the high quality take center stage. That all of our bone broth slowly simmered for more than twenty hours. And all of our boba would be fully marinated serve in fresh brewed tea. We love ramen & bubble tea so we want you to “bee” in love with us!

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